Hire Me


Looking for someone to write fiction, a web article, or RPG content? That’s me!

Here’s an incomplete list of projects I’d love to take on:

  • Anything space-, pirate-, or zombie-themed
  • Science fiction criticism, including book reviews
  • Meme analysis
  • Fiction about children, written for adults
  • Fiction about adults, written for children
  • Educational and consent-oriented RPG resources

For samples of my work, click here.

Editing (Content/Copy)

Looking for an editor? I’m the one you seek!

I have a background in academic writing, so I’m experienced with conveying complex ideas clearly. Due to my writing degree from Johns Hopkins University, I’m familiar with workshop environments and writing critique letters — I know how to give constructive feedback and help improve a story without changing its basic plot or premise. I’ve also copyedited tie-in content for one of the most popular tabletop RPGs in the world, and interned under the Managing Editor of Monte Cook Games.

Cultural Consulting

Looking for a cultural consultant? Look no further!

My aim is to help creators tell compassionate stories of marginalized characters. Representation is not enough. Bad representation is offensive at best, and harmful at worst. My goal is to help identify ways in which your story misrepresents the realities of marginalized persons, and propose solutions to these narrative problems.

I’m comfortable consulting on the following:

  • Black characters
  • Mental illness (bipolar, OCD, depression)
  • Chronic pain/illness (asthma, migraine)
  • Nonbinary/transmasculine characters

All rates negotiable. Don’t hesitate to reach out!