My Work

Short Fiction


  • TRIAL, a narrative RPG about race and the criminal justice system
  • Thirsty Sword Lesbians, a role-playing game for telling queer stories with friends
  • Heist on Miracle IV, a Cypher System adventure in which players race against the clock to find alien artifacts aboard a space station
  • Sea of Legends, in which players adventure as pirates in a wildly reimagined Caribbean bursting with magic and mayhem

Web Articles

Cultural Consulting

Academic Work


Actual Plays

  • After the War, in which a mimetic virus known as the Song infects the small town of Barleymow, and no one is safe from suspicion
  • Stars Without Number: Agents of F.f.E.a.R, in which a 600-year old A.I., a blob alien, and a pre-cog pilot race to prevent a cold war from turning into a hot one