My Work

Short Fiction

  • Who The Final Girl Becomes,” a story about what happens after the slasher movie’s credits roll, published by Nightmare Magazine
  • Civilian Assumptions,” a story about the love between a captain and their spaceship, published by Lightspeed Magazine
  • Drowned Best Friend,” a story about the perceived link between transition and death, published by Fantasy Magazine
  • Slow Communication,” a story about aliens and familial expectations, published by Fantasy Magazine
  • There Are Ghosts Here, adapted for audio by Tales From a Black Universe
  • There Are Ghosts Here,” a story about grief and what we’ll do to get back those we’ve lost, published by Anathema Magazine



Web Articles

Cultural Consulting

Academic Work

Actual Plays

  • Plant Girl Game, in which a family of plant children prepares their town for a deadly storm
  • Tomorrow on Revelation III, in which characters work to secure food equality on a dystopian space station
  • TRIAL, in which Bruce Orson is tried for the murder of Abigail Burke
  • After the War, in which a mimetic virus known as the Song infects the small town of Barleymow, and no one is safe from suspicion
  • Stars Without Number: Agents of F.f.E.a.R, in which a 600-year old A.I., a blob alien, and a pre-cog pilot race to prevent a cold war from turning into a hot one