New representation, and a new story

Remember when I said I had more news to come in 2023? Well, here’s some of it: I’m now represented by the wonderful Saint Gibson at Speilburg Literary Agency! I’m super excited to talk more about what we’re working on, down the line.

I have a new story out in Nightmare Magazine today. “Who The Final Girl Becomes” is a story about what happens after the slasher movie’s credits roll. This one was super cathartic to write, and I’m so pleased to be able to share it with you. You can read more about how the story came about in the accompanying Author Spotlight, which also includes my ideal Queer Horror 101 syllabus.

Additionally, Locus Magazine’s 2022 Recommended Reading List came out today, and I’m overjoyed that my story “Slow Communication” is included among all these stellar works. I highly recommend perusing the list to find your next great read!

I’ve edited my 2022 awards eligibility post to reflect this, but I wanted to remind you that 2022 was my first year of eligibility for the Astounding Award. If you’re voting in the Hugo Awards, I’d greatly appreciate your consideration.

I’m looking forward to whatever else this year will bring. As always, I’ll update here whenever I have news to share—click “subscribe” on the home page to be notified!

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